Ahmanson Theatre Fashion - What to Wear to the Theatre

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What is the Ahmanson Theater Address?
135 North Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012

Are the seats located next to each other?
Yes all tickets are side by side unless otherwise stated.

Are you the box office?
No we are an independent broker who sells tickets to all Ahmanson Theater shows. Our prices may be higher then face value.

Ahmanson Theatre Fashion - What to Wear to the Theatre

We are not affiliated with the Ahmanson Theater or any of the shows playing there. We are an independent ticket broker. Our prices are higher then face value.


Going to the movies is an automatic dating past time. Dressing for a nice night out can be daunting. Whether it's a date or a casual outing, you should strive to look your best. A movie theaters' atmosphere is meant to be relaxing and inviting. There are ways to look chic and effortless at the same time. It's all in the styling.


When going to the movies consider what you'll be doing before and after. No matter what, bring a nice Hobo bag with you. A Hobo bag has a nice simple design with plenty of room. Carrying a large bag can prove to be a great help. Keep in mind that a movie theater can get pretty cold. Putting a cardigan in your bag can prepare you for any unexpected chilliness. A cardigan is versatile even outside of the theater. If you're dining out afterwards, you can cover your shoulders and turn a spaghetti strap dress into a formal outfit. A tank top under a matching cardigan looks great with a nice denim skirt. The movies are usually a casual affair anyway, so dress comfortable but chic. Denim isn't the only element for dressing sensible. Wear a nice pair of leggings with a logo tee, and a chunky sweater. If its summer time, swap the sweater with a nice cotton blazer.


Theaters are a great place for couples to interact. If you arrive early you can sit and talk, or even walk around. Take advantage of this time to check your seat for stray food and wet floors. Sticky floors are common in theaters, so make sure your shoes are basic. Basic shoes are comfortable, but not too fancy. Try a nice pair of Keds or even a pair of boots with rubber soles. Don't forget to do a pre-movie touch up! Before the movie starts, head to the restroom, fix your hair, and freshen up. Your hobo bag should have your makeup, hair items, and lotion for dry skin. Being casual is the way to go, so find clothing that is versatile and comfortable. Accessorizing with the right items helps you prepare for a movie night even better. Try not to go over board by adding too many items in your bag. A bag that's too bulky can look unattractive, not to mention suspicious. It is a movie theater after all. Carry the bear necessities and you'll be fine.


Being trendy is possible no matter what you wear. Having the perfect outfit for the movie theater is all about your level of comfort. The theater is meant to be a place to relax and enjoy the company you're in. Whether it's a romantic date or a solo outing, just remember to keep it simple and have a good time.


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